Gather Organize Mobilize

A practical tool

Mobilizon is a tool that helps you find, create and organize events.

You can also create a page for your group where the members will be able to get organized together.

An ethical alternative

As an ethical alternative to Facebook events, groups and pages, Mobilizon is a tool designed to serve you. Period.

No likes, no follows, no infinite wall to scroll: Mobilizon leaves you in control of your attention.

Federated software

Mobilizon is not a giant platform, but a multitude of interconnected Mobilizon websites.

This federated architecture helps avoid monopolies and offers a diversity of hosting terms of service.

What’s Mobilizon?

Mobilizon is an online tool to help manage your events, your profiles and your groups.

Your Events

On Mobilizon, you can create a detailed page for your event, publish and share it.

You can also search for events by keyword, place or date, participate in events (even without an account) and add them to your agenda.

Your Profiles

Setting up an account on a Mobilizon instance will allow you to create several profiles (i.e.: personal, professional, hobbies, activism, etc.), organise events and manage groups.

Before you create an account on an instance, don’t forget to discover how that instance works by reading its “about” page, to better understand its rules and policies.

Your Groups

In Mobilizon, each group has a public page where you can look up the group’s latest posts and public events.

When invited to join a group, members can participate in discussions and manage a common resource folder (i.e. links to a collaborative writing tool, a wiki, etc.)

We won’t change the world from Facebook. Surveillance capitalism won’t develop the tool we dream of, because they couldn’t derive any profit from it.
The time has come to build something better, by taking a different approach.

An emancipatory tool, designed differently

Mobilizon has been designed as a practical tool that respects your attention, your autonomy and your freedom.

Saving Your Attention

Mobilizon is not a social media, nor a hobby: it is a tool. You won’t find features like subscriptions counters, thumbs ups or info walls with infinite scrolling.

Mobilizon’s design aims to free your attention from the mechanisms of self-staging. This allows you to stay focused on what really matters: managing your events, your groups, your mobilization.

Diversity through Federation

Mobilizon is a federated software: hosts can install it on a server to create instances that act as Mobilizon websites. Mobilizon instances can be federated together so a profile registered on instance A may contribute to a group created on instance B.

This multiplicity makes it possible to diversify hosting conditions. (governance, ToS, charters) and to avoid the formation of monopolistic platforms.

Respecting Your Freedom

Mobilizon is a Free-libre software. This means its code is transparent, publicly auditable and there are no hidden features.

The code is built by the community, and everyone is free to fork it and lead the project into new directions.

It’s up to you

Who’s behind Mobilizon?

Mobilizon is a free-libre and open source software maintained and financed by the French not-for-profit Framasoft.

Created in 2004, the association is dedicated to popular education on the challenges of the digital age. Our small structure (less than 40 members, less than 10 employees) is known for having carried out the De-google-ify Internet project, hosting 34 ethical and alternative online tools. Recognized as being of general interest, our association is more than 90% funded by donations, which are tax deductible for French taxpayers.

The more this software is used and supported, the more people will use and contribute to it, and the faster it will evolve towards a concrete alternative to platforms such as Facebook Events or Meetup.

Framasoft babestu

Askatasunak ez duelako askea izatea esan nahi…

Framasoft is a not-for-profit which can only keep running thanks to your donations. Do you like what we do? Do you think we’re going in the right direction? If so, and you’re able to make a donation, we’d very much appreciate it!

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In France, thanks to the tax deduction of 66%, your donation of €50 will cost you only €17.

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  • Recurring donations can be stopped anytime, just ask us.
  • If you want to modify your recurring donation, please contact us, we will stop the current one and you will be able to make a new one.
  • Tax receipts (in France only) are sent by postal mail in March/April 2025 (before tax declaration) for 2024 donations
  • Financial and activity reports can be found on the not-for-profit page
  • If you have more questions, you may find answers there