Gather, organize and mobilize yourselves with a convivial, ethical, and emancipating tool

Mobilizon is a tool designed to create platforms for managing communities and events. Its purpose is to help as many people as possible to free themselves from Facebook groups and events, from Meetup, etc.

The MobiliZon software is under a Free licence, so anyone can host a MobiliZon server, called an instance. These instances may federate with each other, so any person with an account on "ExampleMeet" will be able to register to an event created on "SpecimenEvent".

Convivial and practical

MobiliZon doesn’t try to lock you in its platform to manage your community nor to direct your ways.
On the countrary, its goal is to help you integrate the collaborative tools of your choice, and to let you be free to organize your community and gatherings your own way.

Emancipating and respectful

MobiliZon gives you the ability to engage without revealing yourself, to organize without exposing yourself. For instance, with just one account, you will get several identities, used as social masks.

Ethical and decentralized

The Free licence of MobiliZon software is a guaranty of its transparency, its contributive aspect and the openness of its governance. Having several MobiliZon instances will let you choose where you want to create your account, so you can decide to whom you will entrust your data.

  • October 2018

    Framasoft's donation campaign

  • Late 2018

    UX studies and user-based design

  • Early 2019


  • May 2019

    MobiliZon crowdfunding

  • Mid-2019


  • Late 2019

    Beta release

MobiliZon drawing in Contributopia
We won’t change the world from Facebook. The tool we dream of, surveillance capitalism corporations won’t develop it, as they couldn’t profit from it.
This is an opportunity to build something better, by taking another approach.

MobiliZon is supported by Framasoft, a non-profit funded by your donations

Framasoft (that's us!) is a French non-profit created in 2004, which is now dedicated to popular education to freedoms in the digital world. Our small association (less than 40 members, less than 10 employees) is known to have achieved the De-Google-Ify the Internet project, that now offers 34 ethical and alternative online services.

Since autumn 2017, we have completed PeerTube, a free and federated alternative to centralizing video tubes. After a successful crowdfunding, PeerTube is now enjoying growing user base. It is based on this experience that we introduce you the MobiliZon project.

Labelled as of public interest in France, our non-profit is more than 90% funded by your donations, that grant us our independance. Once more, we call for your generosity to help us make MobiliZon a reality, while maintaining and pursuing all our actions.