You have already make €15,000 donations! Only €5,000 to reach the first step!

Thank you! 2 days after launching our fundraising, we have almost reached the 1st step! We just achieved €15,000 and hope to reach the 1st step of €20,000 during this week-end. Such a crazy flow of donations gives us a lot of hope: not only hope of reaching the €20,000 step, but also hope of achieving successfully the fundraising!

And now, it’s up to you!

We are a small French non governmental organisation who knows how to reach the French FLOSS community. But it is more complicated for us to communicate about Mobilizon to a largest audience. We need you to help us to reach alternative communities (activists, freedom fighters, environmental campaigners, etc.)… so, don’t hesitate to:

  • Share the information on your favorite social medias (even on those we don’t really like) using #JoinMobilizon!
  • Share the website with your activist friends who want to change the world too !
  • Forward these informations to the communities you are part of. You can get inspiration and more infos from our blog post!
  • Send the info to every person who dreams of a more ethical and free tool to gather, organize and mobilize.

Our only advertisement is the best one we know: it’s you!

The levels of Mobilizon crowdfunding

We believe in the need to create user-friendly software that allows people to to organize their events away from Facebook or Meetup (for example).

We believe in it so much that we have invested time, work and money to imagine its design.

Our association being financed only by donations, we organize this crowdfunding to ask you how far you want us to go in the development of Mobilizon.

Bearing 1 - Free & basic version

This sum will allow us to recover our expenses.

We will thus reimburse the sums advanced to design and promote software, working time on the development of its functionalities as well as the work of the designers who facilitated its design.

The code will be returned to the community in a state that can be taken back by anyone.

Level 2 - Federated version

We will be able to implement an essential protocol to make Mobilizon a success: the ActivityPub federation. Thanks to the federation, any community will be able to install Mobilizon on its own servers, and connect together each of these installations.

This makes it possible to multiply the number of entry points and decentralize the data, and to connect to the fediverse which already includes Mastodon (alternative to Twitter) and PeerTube (an alternative to YouTube).

We will also open a demo instance of this beta version, so that everyone can go and see for themselves what the software will look like.

Bearing 3 - Ideal version

You will give us the means to make the Mobilizon of our dreams come true!

Thus, Mobilizon will allow the creation of groups, with messaging tools and exchange between members. Mobilizon will also make it possible to organize, display and to manage the external tools that the group already uses to write documents together or choose the date of the next meeting, for example.

Finally, each person with an account will be able to create several identities, in order, for example, not to display the same identity on its sporting events, family reunions and activist actions.

And beyond - To version 1

We have done our calculations: with €50,000, we will have the means to to make the best software we can make. If we receive more money, we will not do more, nor faster, but we can go further.

In the fall of 2019, we will release a beta version. From then on, rich in feedback and comments we will receive, will open the way to a first version completed, a V1, which we want for the first half of 2020.

But we still need a lot of work until then. In our desires, it there is the possibility to set up a mapping server to facilitate the localization of events, to create a webapp for smartphones, and many other things…